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International side program - film competitions - performances - film talks

The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival is the only Austrian Poetry Film Festival. In its fourth edition the festival will take place November 4-6, 2017 at Metro Kinokulturhaus in the heart of the Vienna city center. The first time the Vienna Poetry Film Festival will offer a large side program dedicated to international films. In addition there will be two thrilling film competitions presented with readings and performances in between the screenings. It´s a bit early to mention, but there will be a professional ticket reservation for all visitors from abroad. People, we hope to see you at the festival!

Film makers' information

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Dear festival participants!


Check the information about the film selection

  1. Visit our NEW FACEBOOK EVENT SITE! Participants need an acreditation. Please let us know in advance, if you are joining the festival!
  2. Check THIS NEWSLETTER re the film selection process from June 18


The Berliner film maker Rain Kencana has created a serie of films combining poetry with dance. Her last film just became ready for us. (festival trailer)


The Italian Andrea Capranico lives in Manila. Over three years he followed the work of bodypainter Eric Cabales. (festival trailer)


Many love the Art Visuals & Poetry magazine. We will show Mariola Brillowska in Vienna. She has created a poetry pop film world! (short film)

"A poetry film is… a single entwined entity, a melting, a cleaving together of words, sound and vision. It is an attempt to take a poem and present it through a medium that will create a new artwork, separate from the original poem.“ Alistair Cook, director Poetry Film Festival Dunbar, photographer, film maker
"In opposite to the anglo-american understanding I do not stick on a classic definition of a poem. The Vienna Poetry Film Festival supports a broader idea of literary text within film. We accept abstract sound poetry, schrift films, poetry or political performance texts." Sigrun Höllrigl, Directrice Art Visuals & Poetry Vienna, writer, film maker
The poetry film has established as an own film genre. Contemporary media such as voice, text, music, animation film, painting and digital images including experimental moving digital images can be used for it in combination." Mag. Hubert Sielecki, Em. head experimental animation studio University of Applied Arts, film maker

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