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Opening at Stadtkino - the international audience award

The sixth Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival was held for the first time at Künstlerhaus Wien from November 9 to 13, 2021. The festival has been held since 2013 and in 7 years has grown to become the second largest poetry film festival in the world.




       Dear art lovers, dear colleagues




To have overcome and outlasted the current art crisis is an achievement  for a festival like ours. Covid-19 has turned the art scene upside down in 2020. Many events could not take place.


As director of the Vienna Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival, I became captivated by the fascination of the poetry film, because beyond language, intermedia fields of reference to the visual arts and music are emerging. Several levels of perception at the same time are both a fascination and a challenge. A successful poetry film creates a balance between text, image and music. In the coordination this is a very sensitive process. If this balance succeeds, the films reach a timeless dimension through language and leave their viewers with the desire to see the film again.

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