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Jury statement best feature film

Siegerehrung Capranico
Award-ceremony November 5,  2017 to Andrea Capranico                                                 Foto Michael Lukele



Jurystatement Art Visuals & Poetry Honorable Mention in the category best feature film 2017


Andrea Capranico - The Landscape Within


International Side Program Poetry Film Festival Wien Saturday November, 4, 2017  17:00,  Metro Kinokulturhaus Vienna


"The Landcape Within"  lyrical art documentary by Andrea Capranico (Italy, Philippines),  2015, 94 min.

Artist information Andrea Capranico

Andrea Capranico is an Italian documentary and commercial director/producer based in Manila, Philippines.

Born and raised in Torino, Italy, he graduates in Chemistry in 2000 and, after few years of science research and corporate work, he pursues his original dream of being a world traveler, a photographer and a filmmaker.

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