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Save the date: The next Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival will take place from November 29 until December 1, 2019 at the Metro Kinokulturhaus. The poetry film competitions will be opened in January 2019. Participation is possible via FilmFreeway or via an online form on this website. Link to the festival competition calls!

Traditionally, the artist community and art association Art Visuals & Poetry is once again organizer of two poetry film competitions: The Poetry Film itself is a hybrid of literature and film and a child of the digitization, although the oldest known poetry film was made in 1905 in the United States.

The main competition of the Vienna Poetry Film Festival 2019 is again restricted to filmmakers of the German-speaking countries. The second competition called "Special Award" is open for all nations, but dedicated to a given festival poem. In 2019 the choice fell on the poem "First" by the Austrian writer Sophie Reyer. The festival provides this poem as a soundtrack to all participating film makers including the copyrights and an English translation.

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Tom Speers/Peter LaBerge - BOY SAINT (Ireland/USA)

A debut film of the Irish director Tom Speers called "Boy Saint" won the main prize at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2018, which is the world's largest poetry film festival. The film is based on a poem by the American writer Peter LaBerge. The film won additiomal awards such as the Kinsale Shark Award 2018. "Boy Saint" also attracted international interest at major film festivals such as Cannes, BFI London, Vancouver International Film Festival.

Event calendar

Call for entries – Ringelnatz-Gedichtfilmwettbewerb

Call for entries – Ringelnatz-poetry film competition

Call for Entries Poetryfilm Award Weimar


Call for entries Poetry Film Festival Versi di Luce, Sicily

Wiener Wettbewerb 2019: Festivalgedicht "Zuerst" von Sophie Reyer

Viennese Competition 2019: Festival poem "First" by Sophie Reyer

Ausschreibung Kunstpreis Frecher Mario

Finnisage & Spoken Word

Georgian film art in Vienna

Georgische Filmkunst in Wien

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Anna Eijsbouts/Neil Gaiman - HATE FOR SALE (Netherlands/USA)

The largest poetry film festival ZEBRA will take place in Berlin soon. The festival competitions were presented End of September in Münster. The "Award for the best Film for Tolerance" donated by the Federal Foreign Office went to Anna Eijsbout for the animation "Hate For Sale" based on the poem by Neil Gaiman. The stop motion animated poetry film was staff picked on vimeo and became viral with over 102'000 views within one year.
New call for entries 2019

New call for entries 2019

Who and how can you participate?

The new call for entries will be launched begin of 2019. Be aware that our main competition will be opened for German speaking countries only. If there is a second competition, it will be open for all. Submissions can be made over FilmFreeway and over this website. The curated side-program will feature international poetry films.
Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2019

Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2019

State of the art

The Vienna Poetry Film Festival needs a long preparation time, due to the fact, that our call for entries are usually kept open for 6 months. Some of artists create films for the festival. However some decisions need to be taken, before the new submission calls can be launched. We expect the launch for begin of 2019. The new festival is scheduled for end of November 2019.

Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival

The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival is held bi-annually in Vienna. It became the second largest poetry film festival world-wide showing 82 films Nov 4-6, 2017. The next Poetry Film Festival Vienna is scheduled for end of November 2019.

Our call for entries starts usually 6-8 months before the festival on FilmFreeway and via website. We will be launching the call begin of 2019. Even though the main competition is traditionally dedicated to German speaking countries only, the festival itself offers a large curated international side program. So we are looking forward to exciting new films from all over the world!

On Tour Screenings

The Art Visuals & Poetry organizes poetry film screenings within the festival pause with partners all over Austria.

We are mainly based in Vienna, where we already screen in the most renowned art house cinemas of the town. For example Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus is located beneath Musikverein in the heart of the old city center of Vienna. The screenings are organized in cooperation between Künstlerhaus Vienna, which is the oldest art fine association in Vienna. Last screening was on October 11, 2018 8 pm at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Vienna.
The films came from USA, France, Ireland, UK, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia and Australia. Check the film titles. Furthermore our goal is to leave the city and screen all over Austria. We have already been in Salzburg, Lower Austria, Vorarlberg and Carinthia. Sometimes we were also invited abroad.
Readings & Performances
Local Viennese poets will be reading at the Vienna Poetry Film Festival in between the film screenings. The Viennese writer, composer and film maker Sophie Reyer will join these readings. More details upcoming!
Head of the festival

Head of the festival

Sigrun Höllrigl

Sigrun Höllrigl has founded the Austrian Poetry Film Festival in 2013. She studied literature (MA) and works as a writer, film maker and event organizer in Vienna. In 2015/16 she has published two novels "Odysseus X" and "The Camp" and realized poetry films with other film makers.