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Program 2017



The Vienna Poetry Film competitions were closed on the 7th of April 2017.  In all we have received 176 films from all over the world. That´s much more than last time. The festival was growing due to the huge interest of film makers to present their work.


Manuel Vilarinho - Chamada Geral

Chamada Geral (Portugal)

by Manuel Vilarinho (POR)
CHAMADA GERAL ★★★ SPECIAL MENTION ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2016 ★★★
★★★ Winner  Cyclops Videopoetry Film Festival Kiev, Ukraine 2017 ★★★
International selection Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2017


Resumé Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2017




The Viennese Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival became 2017 the second-largest Poetry Film Festival word-wide. 36 film artists joined the festival. There were two short fim competitions and 4 competitions film blocks. But there was also a large international side program.

Jurystatement Hubert Sielecki-Preis 2017




Hubert Sielecki Award donated by Hubert Sielecki to an Austrian poetry film of his choice


Moritz Stieber-Preis-2017
Award-ceremony November 5, 2017 Hubert Sielecki with prize winner Moritz Stieber       Foto Michael Lukele


Jury statement best feature film

Siegerehrung Capranico
Award-ceremony November 5,  2017 to Andrea Capranico                                                 Foto Michael Lukele



Jurystatement Art Visuals & Poetry Honorable Mention in the category best feature film 2017


Best of international poetry shorts 2017


This side program of the Vienna Poetry Film Festival is unique, because you can get an overview about the major poetry film festivals in Europe. It´s a mixed media film screening. We will present also the winner films of the word-wide largest poetry film festival  ZEBRA and some finalists of the Weimar Poetry Film Award. After the film program the managing team of Weimar will talk about their experiences, visions, and approaches of making a poetry film festival.

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