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requiem auf georg trakl (A)

Textfilm Made in Austria by Sigrun Höllrigl/Marc Neys - film debut Sigrun Höllrigl (2012)

Co-Regie Sigrun Höllrigl/Marc Neys, Text & Voice Sigrun Höllrigl, editing Marc Neys

Short Synopsis:
Requiem on Georg Trakl“ is a political movie. The death metaphors in the poetry of Georg Trakl are interpretated as visions of the deads of first and second World War. The movie is about the poet as a visionary and outcast of society. The artist stays lonely because he has another view of reality – he „sees“ in another reality.

The text is based on a performance project in Literaturhaus Salzburg 2011. The second serial poem and film “a blow animal bows“ (director Marc Neys)  is a free adaption of the vision of beauty of Georg Trakl. It follows Pascals‘ philosophy „l’homme est un néant capaple de Dieu“ and describes beauty as a quality, which is inherent and part of the human nature. Both movies belong together as Yin und Yang. "Requiem on Georg Trakl" was screened 7 times:  International Poetry Film Festival ZEBRA"  Berlin 2012, The international Poetry Film Festival "Doctorclip" Rome 2013, Art Visuals & Poetry Filmfestival Vienna 2013, WUK & Künstlerhaus Vienna 2014, The Place for Poetry - Goldsmiths Writers’ Centre, University of London 2015, dotdotdot Shortfilmfestival Vienna 2015.

Sigrun Höllrigl, born in 1966, Austrian writer and media artist, studied philosophy and literature in Vienna (MA). She edited the first art e-zine in Austria in 1995 called “the machinist” and worked for many years in media arts. She was a pioneer bringing internet communication into prison in Europe during a media art project in 1998. In 2009 she founded the non-profit organisation ART VISUALS & POETRY, a group of 20 different artists working together such as visual artist, play-writer, poets, actors, performers, composers, musicians and filmmakers. As the director of ART VISUALS & POETRY she offered production opportunities for poetry films. Sigrun Höllrigl runs a bi-annual poetry film festival, supports events with poetry film screenings and is chief editor of the e-zine Beside her community projects she works as a writer on novels, poetry and performance texts. She also directed or produced poetry films mostly in team work, which were internationally screened at festivals. e.g. “Requiem on Georg Trakl” and “jumbo shampoo or Joerg Bungee vanished on the rope”. In 2015 she started to co-operate with the Georgian film maker George Chkheidze in art film creating the film poem „a man and a woman“ (9:36 Min.). Sigrun Höllrigls' novels "Odysseus X“ and „The Camp“ were published in 2015/16 by the publishing house edition keiper, Graz. Sigrun Hoellrigl directs and organizes Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival in Vienna since 2013.