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As director of the Vienna Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival, I became captivated by the fascination of the poetry film, because beyond language, intermedia fields of reference to the visual arts and music are emerging. Several levels of perception at the same time are both a fascination and a challenge. A successful poetry film creates a balance between text, image and music. In the coordination this is a very sensitive process. If this balance succeeds, the films reach a timeless dimension through language and leave their viewers with the desire to see the film again.


Live performance about Thomas Bernhard


Literaturhaus Salzburg 9th of Februar 2011 - celebrating the 80th birthday of Thomas Bernhard

Program 2017



The Vienna Poetry Film competitions were closed on the 7th of April 2017.  In all we have received 176 films from all over the world. That´s much more than last time. The festival was growing due to the huge interest of film makers to present their work.


Resumé Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Vienna 2017




The Viennese Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival became 2017 the second-largest Poetry Film Festival word-wide. 36 film artists joined the festival. There were two short fim competitions and 4 competitions film blocks. But there was also a large international side program.

Competition II - Main Award German Speaking Countries

Experimentals  and animations

The  second competition screening is dedicated to experimentals and animations. We will show 14 shorter films in this program. It´s perfect for the one, who like intense, very short and very suprising films. We have set up a program mix between animation and experimental film with entertaining qualities. You may realize, that the Austrians are very strong in the experimental film tradition. Yes, that´s true, they are.


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