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Ex tenebris: VOX

Visual art performance Ex tenebris: VOX

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Competition III - Main Award German Speaking Countries

Final competition screening and award-ceremony

The main competition will be finished by this third and last screening, which contains another 8 films, which are mainly narrative. After the films the winner will be announced and honored on stage by the independant jury. After the award-ceremony multi media artist and visual poet Jörg Piringer will perform live on stage. We hope to see you there!


Sunday, 5th of November 2017, 20:30,  Metro Kinokulturhaus, 1010 Wien
Moderation Yasmin Hafedh


Competition II - Main Award German Speaking Countries

Experimentals  and animations

The  second competition screening is dedicated to experimentals and animations. We will show 14 shorter films in this program. It´s perfect for the one, who like intense, very short and very suprising films. We have set up a program mix between animation and experimental film with entertaining qualities. You may realize, that the Austrians are very strong in the experimental film tradition. Yes, that´s true, they are.


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