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The 2021 festival poet of the Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival is the Carinthian writer Antonio Fian, who lives in Vienna. He is very well known domestically for his satirical columns in the Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard. The following festival poem "ruhwunsch" by Antonio Fian is to be filmed in very different ways around the world as part of a poetry film competition called SPECIAL AWARD



Antonio Fian



nur stille stille nur und

nimmer zauberflöt und nimmer

auto quietsch und kind und mann schrei frau schrei schreimann

schreischrift nimmer

nimmer leuchtlicht auf ab auf und nimmer

fernseh quatsch von lebhilf sterbhilf werbreklam

und altleichkrimskrams


nimmer kritik: ros ros ros was kunst



nur stille stille

landschaff still und stillmeer

gezeitlärm aus

aus frostknack schneeflock brüllnatur

aus ulm- und buchblattraschel aus

aus maiglock

nimmer tingel tingel




Link to the sound recording


desire for tranquility
by Antonio Fian

English translation: Mark Kanak


only silence silence only and

never ever magic flute and never ever

the screech of cars and child and man scream woman screaming


screamscribbling never ever

never ever lamplight on off on and never ever

television nonsense of assisted living assisted dying advertising snuff

and old-corpse stuff

new-corpse masscorchsearch

never ever critics: rose a rose a rose what art


only silence silence

landsvat silent and silent seas

tidal din off

off frost cracking snowflake roaring nature

off elm and beech leaf rustle off

off maybell

never ever jingle-jangle-jingling


The poem has been published in the book: Antonio Fian. Üble Inhalte in niedrigen Formen. Graz - Wien: Literaturverlag Droschl 2000. S.31.


The poem "ruhwunsch" will be translated into English for dubbing and subtitles. The use of the poem and its translations will be free under Creative Commons License. We have licensed the poem for the competition. Please download the written Creative Common license signed by the publisher Droschl for your records. Please also mention the translator Mark Kanak and the poet Antonio Fian in your end credits of the created competition film.