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+++ LATEST NEWS +++ The deadline of the major competition German Speaking countries has been extended to May, 20 2019! +++

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Call for entries poetry film competitions 2019

The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival is the only poetry film festival based in Austria. The main focus is to support German language poetry films. The next festival will take place from Nov 29 to Dec 1,  2019. The festival offers also a large international film program, which is curated by the festival team.


Why does it need a poetry festival?

Simply for the reason, that the genre poetry film has grown very fast due to internet and mobile devices. Some poetry films go into galleries or media art festivals some others to small poetry film festival, which pop up all over the world. Others make it into enter the major film festivals. There´s a lively and remarkable scene in London, Berlin and Münster. But also Vienna has become important meeting place for the poetry film world.


Due to several reasons we will continue to focus on German language, but we will increase the amount of international film screenings again by a curated side program. These films will be chosen by curators within a network of European poetry film festivals.




Please be aware: We can only accept competition entries from German speaking countries (residency or nationality) for the main competition. German language in the films is wanted. Exceptions will be made, when the literature shorts show an outstanding quality and offer German subtitles.




We know, that there is a great interest from the international community to participate. Therefore we have created a second competition called „SPECIAL AWARD“  after a given festival poem. This competition is open to film makers from all over the world. For the next Poetry Film Festival we have chosen a  poem by the Viennese writer and composer Sophie Reyer. You can download the spoken version of Sophie Reyers’ „Zuerst/First“ in German for free. We also provide you with a licensed English translation of the festival poem under creative commons. It´ s very interesting, that this kind of competition attracts many professionals who like to experience different versions of films based on the same text. On the other hand, it offers people a easy chance to make their first poetry movie in their life.

Download of the festival poem as sound file:

For your records: Copyright agreement of the festival poem under Creative Commons (Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) 




Beside the competition screenings we will offer an international film program in co-operation with selected curators,  Please keep in touch with us to find out more about the festival program.




The Art Visuals & Poetry Filmfestival in Vienna is directed by Sigrun Höllrigl. Hubert Sielecki supports her a curator. Beside there will be an independant competition jury selecting the winner films and honorable mentions.




There will be two main prizes for the winners of each of the two competitions.. The prize-money will be fixed with our partners and sponsors. We will award in minimum three films with a cash prize of 500 Euros. Please keep in touch to find out more!




Selected films will be presented in curated programs during the Art Visuals & Poetry Filmfestival November 29 to Dec 1, 2019  in Vienna. We will let you know our program over the website. Beside the festival we organize poetry film screenings with other partners. Please let us know, if you want to be part of it.



The deadline for the Award German Speaking countries is April 30, 2019. For the SPECIAL AWARD after a given festival poem the deadline will be August 30, 2019.



 Competition deadline is April 30, 2019 for the award German Speaking Countries and August 30, 2019 for the SPECIAL AWARD after the given festival poem. The screening copies of the selected film makers should arrive until September 15, 2019. You can submit by following this link and by filling in this online submission form. For all platform users of filmfreeway: there´s an entrance fee of 15 Euro for selecting the specific poetry films among the submitted films. Please read carefully the guidelines! We are a Poetry Film Festival!  We only take literature & poetry films either from German speaking countries OR poetry films dedicated to the given festival poem of Sophie Reyer. 

Submit via Filmfreeway




Submit via online formula on the website (no entry fee)



For a successful participation these rules need to be followed:

-The submitted literary short film or poetry film has a length of 2 until 20 minutes max. and is based on a literary short text or poem.
-EITHER: The film maker or director has an Austrian, German or Swiss passport or residency. Further international collaborations (composer, writer) in the team are welcomed. OR for the second competition: The film is based on our festival poem by Sophie Reyer. You can make a new recording based on the German original text or use the voice recording we offer. Remixes of the existing voice over are allowed.

- The film is not older than 10 years (2009).
- The film has not been submitted before.
- ART VISUALS & POETRY is granted the right to screen the film in the context of the competition and the festival.
- The application and copyright declaration arrive in time. Deadline is April 30 or August 30, 2019 (SPECIAL AWARD). We prefer a sighting via internet link (password protected, vimeo, You Tube, dropbox). You can onpass additional film information via e-mail:
- SCREENING FORMAT:  We only accept films in the following formats: mov or mp4 File, H264, Sound uncompressed, 48 000 kHz, 16 bit. The films will be converted into DCP format. The screening files should arrive until June 30 (Award German Speaking Countries) or Sept 30, 2019 (SPECIAL AWARD).
-In case of questions contact us via


We wish you good luck & happy work!

Sigrun Höllrigl, your festival directrice & her team